Although every boat is designed to exist in a marine environment, that doesn’t mean it’s always ideal to leave your boat floating at your dock slip. Even the best made boats aren’t resistant to wear and tear when left in the water at all times, which is why a boat lift is a great investment to protect your boat. Bay Boat Lifts serves marine enthusiasts throughout Maryland, providing new boat lifts for sale and service appointments to keep your existing lift in prime operating condition.

New Boat Lifts from Bay Boat Lifts

You’ve made a significant investment in your watercraft, both financially and physically. You take good care of your boat so you can enjoy it alone or with your family and friends whenever the mood strikes. Take care of your boat with a new boat lift from Bay Boat Lifts. We sell all the popular systems on the market, including vertical and cantilever boat lifts. Not sure which one is right? Here’s a brief look:

  • Vertical boat lifts are prominent models you’ll see on waterways throughout Maryland. The housing uses cables to raise and lower the lift out of the water, and the cables maintain tension to hold the entire weight of the boat. Most models operate using either 4-5 or 7-10 pulleys, depending upon the weight of the boat and size of the lift.
  • Cantilever lifts use the weight of the boat to transfer a cradle onto to H-shaped structures at the base of the lift frame. That H-shape structure lies near-flat in a horizontal position in the water when not in use, and pops into a vertical position in order to life the boat out of the water. Typically a cantilever boat lift uses a single cable and three pulleys.

Service for Existing Boat Lifts

Whether you own a motorized boat lift or use hand-crank models, your boat lift requires maintenance over time to ensure it is properly supporting your boat’s weight and functioning optimally. Vertical boat lifts require regular maintenance to ensure the pulleys and cables are doing their job, especially given the weight those cables/pulleys bear. Cantilever lifts, though simpler in design, also require regular maintenance to ensure safe operation. Bay Boat Lifts is happy to service your boat lift, whether you bought with us or not!

Why Invest in a Boat Lift?

Bay Boat Lifts recommends boat lifts for marine enthusiasts for a number of reasons. Though design for use in water, boat hulls can blister over time in water and collect algae and other unwanted hitchhikers. If you live along a body of water with fluctuating water levels, a boat lift can protect it from rising and falling levels.

Buy with Confidence

Bay Boat Lifts specializes in servicing existing boat lifts and has a knowledgeable staff that can help you select the right new boat lift for your situation. Our skilled workers install your new boat lift properly, and can service your existing model to keep it functioning just right for years to come! Serving Annapolis, Baltimore, Edgewater, St Michaels, Ocean City, Oxford, Neavitt, Kent Island, Edgemere and more.